Saturday, January 18, 2014

Finally figured out how to access this blogger again.  Turns out I started a new Google Account and lost track of my original Maine Rail Transit blog page.  Whatever, we are back and it looks like we have sustained a lot of interest in the restoration of passenger rail in this region.  I was just reviewing the last posting a discussion with a rail supporter, but serious skeptic. 

The fact is.....  and that is how we intend to proceed with this demonstration.  The Maine Rail Transit Coalition, with members from around the state and across the professional and political spectrum have been researching the facts around transportation, climate change, congestion and the real costs to consumers and taxpayers of the current transportation policy and investments by state DOT's and Federal.  We have some good facts and experts in many fields ready to research additional information.

Our analysis indicates that a passenger rail service is the basis for a new paradigm of investment and transport.  Rather than traditional transportation based on pavement and other asphalt solutions, whether it is auto, bike or ped, the MRTC recommends a multi-model system of mobility providing accessibility to places for all users, no matter age, health, abilities, or economic status. 

Our current work, funded by the National Association of Realtors Smart Growth action project, and the Sierra Club is way advanced in providing the resources for a demonstration project of passenger rail service between Portland Maine and Bethel in Oxford County Maine.  True, the Portland area MPO is ignoring us, and the Portland City government says it can't be done.  But elsewhere in the state, and in the streets and meeting places around Portland and everywhere there is a growing chorus of support to try this.

Not only do we believe climate change is real and threatening, but we believe that the auto-dependent system of transport model used by the government planners, and heavily supported by the advertising and oil industry, is in fact the primary cause of our economic malaise. 

It is Train Time.  Like the Maine Rail Transit Coalition on Facebook    .  Send us your questions and ideas   Join us in our presentations and forums around the state by checking our calendar at    And talk to your local, state and federal officials, both elected and entrenched (I mean staff). 

We can do this.